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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 26, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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heather: crazy cool for this summer in new york city. feels like fall is on the way, 65 ° out there. you are watching "fox and friends" first on wednesday morning. >> the senate blocked a proposal to repeal and replace obamacare is donald trump takes his message to the people at a rally in ohio. >> i'm here this evening to cut through the fake news filter and speak straight to the american people. your hopes are my hopes, your dreams are my dreams. your future is what i am fighting for each and every day. >> but his main focus turning up the pressure on congress to get
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a deal done on healthcare. the senate showdown. >> reporter: they cleared the first turtle opening the debate, that wasn't easy with mike pence casting the tiebreaker, two republican senators voting against it. it would not have been possible without the heroic return of john mccain as donald trump acknowledged in last night's rally. >> this was a big step. i want to thank senator john mccain, very brave man. he made a tough trip to get here and vote so we want to thank john mccain and all the republicans. we passed it without one democrat vote. >> reporter: now the hard work starts passing a bill that replaces obamacare is proving more difficult, the senate
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blocking 57-43 and amendment favored by mitch mcconnell that included language from senator ted cruz with cut-rate policies adding $100 billion to compensate for medicaid cuts, democrats continued to oppose the effort, john mccain rising to the occasion suggesting it is time to reach across the isle. >> return to regular order. we have been spinning our wheels on important issues because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle. >> reporter: we have us series of amendments the next few days, looks to have it wrapped, one proposal gaining steam is the skinny repeal, a few things most republicans want, killing the individual mandate and scrapping several obamacare taxes like the
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medical device tax. heather: he voted against the one last night, the ted cruz amendment. it was nice to see the president out among his people in ohio, that is his element. i think he should do more of that. rob: this was a county won by hillary clinton, trying to shore up the swing state vote. he's thinking ahead to 2020 to get that support for healthcare but let's look to one of our pundits, very -- special report here to talk about what he thinks of trump last night. >> could have been corny but that is where he is at his best and where people love him most that he is funny and effective. that is the donald trump that can get things done. as long as he sticks to that and
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doesn't veer off. rob: this is the populist message people want in this election, he doesn't have a teleprompter, how many politicians just say anything. heather: the woman behind him with the bedazzled donald trump shirt. i want to know where she got it or did she make it herself. i think he should go to every state where senators are blocking or voting no for the healthcare amendment at this point and he needs to talk to those people in those communities about the health care bill and why they would like it. rob: it wasn't easy to get obamacare in the first place, president obama made a number of speeches to push this through and the president is getting the message we need to push this thing. heather: and get in front of the message of the media and to do that, talk about some other
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things on his agenda and here's what he said about building the wall. >> after spending billions of dollars defending other nations borders, we are finally defending our borders. don't even think about it. we will build the wall. i watch the media as they say he just had some fun during the campaign over the wall. that wasn't fun, folks. we are building that wall and walls do work and we are going to have great people come into our country but we are not going to put ourselves through the problems we have had for so many years. rob: that is what he needs to do more of, leave message like he did during the campaign. anytime he stopped there was a different topic, he hasn't done that. talk about the agenda moving
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ahead. rob: we live in manhattan and have this idea about this country and how this world works. you don't have any ideas. what real people are going through. we are so consumed by issues and politics, the average person the president understands that. heather: healthcare and the economy are always issues. rob: a staffer working for debbie wasserman schultz is under arrest charged with bank fraud. he was taken into federal custody in washington dc, he and four relatives who used to work as congressional aides being investigated for possibly double billing congress and hacking into servers and leaking information online. we are learning debbie wasserman schultz is allowing the feds to search her laptop after months.
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heather: they searched where he lived and his relatives can destroy the computers with hammers, a huge story. stopping the leaks where everyone gets fired, that is the message from white house to its fast, as president michael short quit before donald trump's new communications director could fire him over alleged leaks. on his first job anthony scaramucci vowing to get rid of administration snitches and i will fire everybody, that is how i will do it. >> jeff sessions making moves to put an end to internal leaks, set to make an announcement about several criminal investigations in the west wing but the probe comes as donald trump loses confidence in his attorney general over recusing himself from the russia investigation. >> i want the attorney general to be much tougher on the leaks from intelligence agencies which
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are leaking like rarely have they ever before, very important level. that is one of the important things they have to get on with. i told you before i am disappointed with the attorney general but we will see what happens, time will tell. rob: session this has no plans to step down. despite increasing tension the current attorney general jeff sessions remains more popular than president obama's ag loretta lynch, the latest rasmussen poll. that popularity paul comes as attorney general lynch goes on the offense. house republicans demanding an official committee to investigate loretta lynch and fbi director james comey, breitbart reporting the probe will focus on lynch ordering comey to refer to the clinton email scandal as a matter instead of an investigation. heather: that needs to be
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investigated. sanctions on iran, north korea and russia overwhelmingly approved by the house, the bipartisan legislation specifically aims to punish moscow for allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election and prevents the president from easing the penalties without congressional approval. the bill moves to the senate before it can head back to the president's desk. campaign manager paul manafort will not seek two investigators a public hearing, senate judiciary committee dropping its subpoena after he began providing documents for the investigation. neither she nor donald trump junior are scheduled to testify about their meeting with the russian lawyer today. last summer that meeting happens, first accusations of campaign collusion with the kremlin. rob: a judge will decide of charlie god can spend final moments of his life at home. the terminally ill and his parents, to grant their final request, the hospital says it is
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not easy to supply the staff and women necessary to bring their son home to die. the new battle comes after charlie's parents gave up their fight to bring him to the united states for treatment letting their son die. heather: a police officer foils a potential terror attack clobbering a suspect to the ground. that incredible video showing the cop throwing a giant plastic traffic barrier on top near the border of spain and morocco. he pulled out a knife and shouted allah u akbar. he is being questioned by police. rob: the driver in that texas human smuggling or never should have been behind the wheel in the first place. james matthew bradley obstruct
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driving license was suspended months before he drove that sweltering hot trailer with sweet and people died in 100 ° hit. he was disqualified from driving indefinitely for not supply an updated medical card and a criminal record including domestic violence conviction. rob: a us warship firing warning shots while being threatened by an iranian patrol boat in the persian gulf. [gunfire] heather: the pentagon says the uranian ship came within 150 yards of the uss thunderbolt during a military exercise. the uranian's ignored radio calls and lingered for several hours before leaving. rob: a fishing boat captain jumping into frigid waters to save a member of his own crew when their boat capsized off the coast of alaska. heather: the captain was rescued by the coast guard but then jumped back into the water when
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he saw one of his crewmen in danger. he swam 50 yards, pulled into the boat and revived him with cpr. hero captain. rob: we have enjoyed this cool down. >> it will be a beautiful day in new york city, look at humidity up again as we head into the weekend, current temperature 65 in new york city, 66 in chicago, cool across the rockies as the next system moves in and brings potential for showers, thunderstorms, severe weather across the four corners, watching the potential for flooding, that monsoon season in place and the next 12 to 24 hours we can see thunderstorms including wind, hail and isolated tornadoes. we will keep on top of that. heather: we could enjoy some fall weather today. rob: it is not cooling down
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everywhere. 12 minutes after the hour. putting political correctness over public safety. >> to withhold releasing video for fear of creating racial stereotyping. rob: violent attacks on public transportation caught on camera, the outrageous reason why. heather: a disgusting attack on our men and women in blue. anti-police graffiti popping up in one major city. rob: luke brian meeting and 88-year-old superfan and breaking a very old rule just for her. ♪ shake it for me ♪
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heather: putting political correctness over public safety. california transit system at the center of a lawsuit for refusing to release surveillance video of brutal attacks on trains. rob: the agency is concealing the real reason they are blocking that footage. jackie ibanez has details. >> reporter: the transit systems that serves the san francisco bay area is under fire, officials refusing to release surveillance video, attacks by young black riders. when victims doing the agency to warn riders of the risk they face. >> robbed a number of individuals. individuals they saw on video were repeat offenders. >> reporter: bart is refusing to release videos of the mob attacked laming several gang members might be under the age of 18. >> involving juveniles as these incidents have occurred the police department make the determination there is not a
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public interest in sending that information out. >> reporter: one of the nine directors says the agency is concealing the real reason for keeping tapes in the dark. >> i uncovered a memo that indicated he wanted me to withhold releasing video for fear of creating racial stereotyping. >> reporter: the internal memo says releasing tapes of the crime was, quote, unfairly affect and characterize writers of color with a sweeping generalization and a high level of racially insensitive commentary. the robbery rate has risen 41% over the last year. a decision whether to release crime video is expected next month. heather: doesn't make sense to me. it would assisting in making an arrest. rob: in san francisco it doesn't surprise me. heather: major win to tell you about on the right to defend.
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and appeals court ruling the dc's concealed carry law is an outright ban violates the second amendment. city officials require gun owners to have a good reason to carry a gun but judges striking down the regulation as too restrictive. 124 concealed handgun permit holders in dc. rob: discussing anti-police graffiti covering street in one neighborhood calling for the murder of police officers. another sketch of a person with a flaming bottle in his hand, molotov cocktail, let's toast the pigs with our choice of cocktail. no arrests have been made. the fraternal order of police has put up a $5000 reward. heather: donald trump promising to make america work again since day one. a brand-new deal with apple helping him keep his campaign
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promise. rob: the royal family is hiring. ♪ introducing new parodontax.
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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> making america work again donald trump striking a big deal with apple. heather: here with thousands of new jobs. >> in an interview with the wall street journal donald trump said apple ceo tim cook promised him apple would be building three new manufacturing plant in the united states. or when they could be up and
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running. apple didn't comment on the president's remarks but could announce in map or will be launching a $1 billion fund to boost manufacturing in the us. the rock is doing commercials for apple. i planned on finding it. >> a lot more confidence, manufacturing has more confidence in that. the 20 oh four month high, and the current situation and outlook, a good sign for the economy you can credit to unemployment your 16 year low and us stocks reaching record highs. people find business conditions to be good. the highest level since 2001, buying plans for cars and homes, buying plans for major
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appliances is down. today is global delivery day, talking mcdonald's and wendy's. we are already celebrating some sort of day, global delivery day but it is mc delivery day. mcdonald's teaming up with huber to deliver limited-edition gear from the delivery collection. big mac printed pillowcases, blankets and an adult sized along with french fries, sandals, mcdonald's launched the clothing line to coincide with newly offered delivery service to customers to be comfortable while eating their meals at home. i it is free. rob: you said there was a big mac -- thanks so much. heather: get your resume ready, a family is hiring.
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rob: the duke and duchess of caperton prince harry hiring senior communications officer for the royal foundation, the job is available unlinkedin. heather: whoever lands the job will work for media and research central project. you have a little bit of competition, almost 1000 people have applied. that number will go up for sure. rob: a texas man taking the law into his own hands. >> driving really fast. >> on the wrong side of the road. rob: this father is being held a highway hero. heather: century city crackdown, jeff sessions about to deal another dose of reality to those vowing to deify the president. ♪ breaking the law ♪ breaking the law
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♪ ♪ do what you want ♪ you are never going to break me ♪ ♪ take me away ♪ rob: northbound sixth avenue in manhattan, a beautiful day today. heather: time to wake up. rob: you are watching "fox and friends" first. of the 20 a new overnight, the senate blocking a proposal to overhaul health care as donald trump takes his message to middle america. >> i am here to cut through the fake news filter and speak
2:31 am
straight to the american people. your hopes are my hopes, your dreams are my dreams. your future is what i am fighting for each and every day. rob: his main focus pressuring lawmakers to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all. the senate shootout. >> reporter: they cleared the first hurdle of winning the debate but it took mike pence casting the tiebreaker and courageous return of john mccain battling an aggressive form of brain cancer to admonish his colleagues on the senate floor on both sides of the aisle for in action. >> stop listening to the bombastic loudmouth on radio and television and the internet. the hell with them. [applause] >> we are getting nothing done. we are getting nothing done.
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>> reporter: passing a bill that dismantles obamacare and replaces it is proving difficult, the senate voted 57-43 to block the wide-ranging amendment that included language from senator ted cruz covering policies and adding $100 million to compensate for medicaid cuts, democrats uniformly oppose the effort and donald trump calling them out in last night's rally. >> it is time for democrats to stop resisting. they have to do finally what is right for the american people but probably we will do it ourselves. >> john mccain thwarted his colleagues with democrats. what happens now? we had for a series of amendments being offered on the senate floor. one proposal gaining favor called the skinny repeal, it
2:33 am
does a few things republicans want like killing the individual mandate and scrapping obamacare taxes, mitch mcconnell hopes this will end by friday but sometimes these things don't go as planned. heather: i heard the skinny is not so skinny. rob: lou dobbs on the foxbusiness network said last night's rally in ohio proves donald trump is fighting for the average american. >> love in the room for the president was palpable. they were looking for whom he is working, not k street, the lobbyist, billion dollar donors that expect to have the federal government heal, the leadership of the republican party, they are so accustomed to appealing to their every order and back
2:34 am
and call, he is frustrating the establishment, a conflict between this president, the status quo and the defenders of the status quo republicans or democrats and he is winning winning and winning and the people in that room in youngstown, all 7000 of them know that very well. as do millions of other americans. heather: in other news north korea could launch a deadly nuclear attack on the us as early as next year. an expert on the rogue nation telling fox news north korea will soon be capable of hitting american soil and will have to make a decision about how to deter their attacks. donald trump has vowed to confront the communist country very strongly to stop their nuclear advances. tensions reached the boiling point, the secretary of defense calling for a full review of military training. according to a memo obtained by
2:35 am
the military times, james mad dog matus wants to focus more on fighting and less on mandatory training that has little to do with their deployment roles. commanders are asked to submit recommendations for changes by the end of the year. a criminal investigation underway after the pentagon wasted 20 million taxpayer dollars on afghan military uniforms. a government watchdog group finding camouflage pattern is not only offensive but useless in 97% of afghanistan which is desert country. the us by the design from a canadian company instead of using one of 12 defense department owns patterns which would have been three. rob: donald trump headington long island, new york to crackdown on ms 13, a violent gang, the president will speak about driving this game out of the united states.
2:36 am
brian gill need working to take down this el salvador in gaining tied to 17 brutal murders on long island in the last year and a half. sanctuary cities facing the requirements if they want to keep receiving millions of dollars in federal taxpayer money. attorney general jeff sessions unveiling rules forcing law enforcement to give the fed the excess to jail and alert them when illegal immigrant facing deportation is released from their custody as part of the attorney general's crackdown to keep sanctuary cities from hiring criminals while using criminal taxpayer dollars. heather: a potentially deadly situation on the road, he steps in to make sure the suspect goes behind bars. >> he is driving really fast. >> on the wrong side of the road. >> reporter: hernandez followed a drunk driver to a texas
2:37 am
parking lot, pulling him out of the car, making a citizens arrest before officers could get there. the driver charged with felony dwi. it went smoothly. i could see it going badly if you are not careful. heather: janice dean will let us know more about how long the great weather will last. >> we have got today to enjoy the refreshing temperatures in the northeast but when we get into the weekend a little rain in the forecast. 65 in new york, 66 in chicago, cooler than average across the northeast and clearing things out over the eastern seaboard. the next round of showers and thunderstorms in the midwest, could see potential for stronger storms including large ale, isolated tornadoes. the other big story is the heat across the central us, hasn't budged with heat indices over 100 °. stay inside where it is cool.
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rob: it could be cooler in here. heather: it is a little muggy. it is 20 minutes until the top of the are, donald trump rallying thousands of voters at his rally in ohio. right in the middle of all of it, live up next. >> he is a young one going back home to mommy. heather: this was an entertaining moment, the president cracking up the crowd calling out a protester, interesting stuff. carly shimkus with a lot of their reaction coming up next. ♪ ♪
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heather: donald trump firing back at a protester who tried to interrupt his rally. rob: carly shimkus here with the president having the whole crowd laughing. >> reporter: the president was back the trail to his make america great again rally, spoke about health care, jobs, immigration and at one point the president was interrupted by a very young protester carrying a soviet flag and check out how the president responded. >> he is a young one. he is going back home to mommy.
2:43 am
some outlandish manner. he said he can be as presidential as anyone else except for abraham lincoln. dana
2:44 am
terminal illness and is a big country fan who had the
2:45 am
opportunity to meet luke bryant. she took this opportunity and ran with it and got a picture, getting her flirt on. how much do you love this woman? she is a social media superstar herself. a lot of people talking about this woman, luca brian is an amazing singer and human being. the sweetest gift from the sweetest guy, thank you for staying real but he is getting praise as well. too cute, what a lovely thing to do. how great is she? hopefully she will get front row seat at the next concert, she was wearing a luca brian shirt. thanks a lot. >> donald trump rallying thousands in the buckeye state.
2:46 am
heather: todd cairo was there last night and spoke to the president's supporters from frank avenue family restaurant in alliance, ohio. >> good morning, we are getting ready to talk to a lot of folks about the rally. we were in youngstown for the rally and there were huge crowds, we got an opportunity to chat with the people as they got rally -- ready for the rally inside. >> i am a nurse practitioner is obamacare has to go, people are not getting the health care they need. >> the republicans need to get with the republicans. >> i'm here to support trump. i'm in the military, this is a big event for us. he support the military, not many people do. >> working against establishment, learned a lot about corruption. >> i do support donald trump. i wasn't his biggest fan in the beginning but finding out he is our president you need to
2:47 am
support him. >> reporter: in alliance, the border two counties, one county went handily for donald trump, the other county did not, it went for hillary clinton. should be a lively discussion. when we join you at the top of the hour, in alliance, ohio, i do only have can cakes -- pancakes and bacon there is something called the gut buster i will be having in short order. they are already compromising. heather: thank you. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. democrats dolling two crucial bills for what seems like no reason. are they hurting the american people just approve a point to the president? rob: who hasn't woken up with
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fuzzy recollection of what you might have done last night. a new study says alcohol can help your memory. we
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heather: house democrats accused of putting politics over national security, sinking a critical intel bill and blocking another to help veterans access healthcare. i democrats willing to hurt americans so they can send a
2:52 am
message to the president? deputy assistant secretary of state and national security strategist joel rubin, thank you for joining us. let's take a look at the intel bill. this need to two thirds majority to pass, what exactly would have been in this? >> it was put on the floor under suspension of the rules which means there can be no debate and no amendment. democrats opposed the idea on intelligence matters there would be limited debate. democrats are trying to stand up for a national security bait how our intelligence community -- heather: why debate when you are already saying there's nothing in it you disagree with which nancy pelosi herself said? >> policymaking is about more than passing bills but having a
2:53 am
deep robust floor debate. we saw john mccain say that after the health care bill, we need to get to regular order and this scheduled vote under suspension bypasses regular order and that is where democrats while agreeing the underlying bill is fine they want regular order. heather: that makes no sense to someone sitting at home listening to that. what did you keep saying? regular order? to a lot of other people that would be redtape and bogging down the system unnecessarily when you already agree with everything in it and there are elements of it that could help a veteran out there who needs it. >> the veterans health bill there are significant bipartisan discussions on going in the senate and the way it is falling in the house is robbing peter to pay paul. veterans of foreign wars, iraq and afghanistan, veterans of
2:54 am
america returning to form. i won and awarded congressional staffer of the year for military officers, veterans health issues matter and shouldn't be forced through, regular order is part of the process to assure all the voices in congress get a clear hearing. >> our veterans are treated terribly and it should never have gotten to this point. let's move to the intel bill. the intelligence authorization act for fiscal year 2018 did not pass. what would have been involved in this? >> the intelligence community has been beleaguered and donald trump is leading the charge on that and what democrats are doing is saying to republican leadership we want to have a debate about the intelligence community, not just push it through the floor but once of full public area about where intelligence community is and what our supporters and that would be circumvented by this
2:55 am
program. that is why we saw the decision to block passage. heather: you do not think this is just an effort to say we can't get you here but we will get you here in terms of democrats up against republicans. >> congress is always going to be debating and controversial. the key is to ensure on issues of national security we have everybody -- we had a bill passed under suspension yesterday, sanctions bill against russia and iran and north korea. there were republican votes, this happens, we have good bipartisan national security and need to get everyone on the same page to be effective. heather: it should be every american outside washington dc. appreciate your insight. have a great day.
2:56 am
rob: 55 minutes after the hour. look like something out of a horror film. a car with no doors, no windows, covered in mud with an ax in its roof. the highly benefited king cobras stuffed in potato chip cans. stay tuned. ♪ let it out ♪ we're both stuck in this cube farm and you're about to hit 'send all' on some embarrassing gas. hey, you bought gas-x®! unlike antacids, gas-x ® relieves pressure and bloating fast. huh, crisis averted.
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3:00 am
king cobras from hong kong into the country inside potato chip cans. rob: a nightmare. police arresting a man upstate new york driving a car with no doors and covered in mud with an action in the roof. the man was on multiple drugs. not surprising. heather: be careful with potato chip cans today. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> vice president votes in the affirmative. >> it would not have been possible without the brave heroic return of senator john mccain. >> stop listening to the bombastic loud mouths. to hell with them. >> we're now one step closer deliberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. >> that's the donald trump that can get things done. >> he is reasserting results, results, results. >> it staff who worked for debbie wasserman schultz is under arrest charged with bank


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